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State-of-the-art Sports and Recreational Solutions

Sports and Recreational activities have become a necessity, thanks to a hectic and busy lifestyle. This has given rise to businesses focusing on the possibilities of innovative ways to address this problem, and digitalization has played a major role in helping them achieve it. With more than 15 years of experience, Devnco has been at the centre of this revolution, helping sports institutes and ancillary businesses in sports, to adapt to these changing trends.
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Digitalizing sports institutes for optimized outputs


Automating daily activities including attendance, performance measurements, coach and helper staff segregation, transaction of monthly or annual fees, data storage on platforms both online and offline through web-based platforms. One stop fitness tracking and activity monitoring web solutions with hassle free communication and auto-generated performance reports.


User friendly, visually appealing applications for iOS and Android devices, with enhanced user experience and smooth communication between athletes, instructors as well as support staff. Separate registration and login portals for trainers and sportspersons, digitalized certificates, secured athlete performance data storage system, simulations and much more attributes.


Customized development of wearable devices and machines for performance monitoring. Creating a platform for users with modern and digitalized technology which includes workout reminders, calorie tracking, BMI and weight measurement, heart rate tracking, and all other fitness tracking solutions, in the form of smart watches, fitness bands and other wearable devices.

Modernized IT solutions for Sports Institutions and Recreational Start-ups

We provide businesses with the most up-to-date technology in the Sports sector, as well as comprehensive after-sales assistance and maintenance support, for achieving long term goals.
For Trainers and Coaches
Athlete Progress Tracking
Personalized login ID to access individual athlete information, including their diet plan, workout schedule, upcoming matches, previous performance, etc.
Online fitness sessions with video set up
Video compatibility to undertake online training sessions, as well as 24*7 guidance and counselling.
Progress charts and analysis
Video recording and live streaming, in-built fitness tracking features, self-generated game progress charts and reports, upcoming event calendars and lots more.
Ancillary support features
Daily attendance records, fee reminders and collection, optional AR/VR Capabilities for game simulations and other additional features.
For Athletes and Players
Online training sessions
Book online training sessions with experts through video calls. Automated session reminders, chatting and recording features for enhanced training.
Complete training program
Access to complete training schedule, diet plan, matches and competition dates, workout plans and health monitoring features in web and mobile applications.
Ecommerce Market
Buying health supplements, workout equipment and sports gear online, through the institution’s ecommerce portal.
External devices like fitness bands and smart watches
Get customised fitness gear as per the requirements including external devices like fitness bands, health monitors, BMI calculators, etc.

Tech solutions for sports and fitness institutions

Automation of recurring tasks
Complete digitalisation of daily, monthly and yearly recurring tasks like fee reminders, attendance, admissions, event registrations, feedback, etc.
Dedicated role assigning
Assigning various roles to coaches and instructors based on their speciality, sport, batches, students, etc. with individual login and password on web and mobile platforms.
Virtual Classes
Online sessions conducted for athletes through video calls, along with option of group session, with added features of recording and in-call messaging.

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Why hire Devnco?

Devnco has successfully assisted businesses having a vision of making it big in the Fitness industry, with fast adapting and highly constructive Sports and Recreational digital solutions. With over 15 years of expertise, we are the early adopters of new technologies and have embraced them in helping businesses, worldwide, to achieve their objectives.

Hassle-free navigation with a user-friendly interface for easy implementation

Self-generating performance reports and detailed athlete progress charts

Cloud-based solutions for ease of access from anywhere at any time

Quick development and deployment

Customizations based on individual requirements specializations

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

Sportspot – Find the right coach

Sports enthusiasts and professionals can find the right coach for over 15 different sports categories. Find nearby coach, show interest, book a coach, get a personalized sports training plan, monitor training activities, Sportspot does it all.

Software development services we provide

Custom Software for Sports and Fitness industry

Customised software and applications curated as per the requirements of different sports institutions and Start-ups


Quick-to-Market Beta version of required tech-solutions, that enable faster response from the market and better end-products.

Team extension

Our team of qualified ed-tech developers become a part of your organisation’s IT team, leaving out the need to hire anyone further.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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