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Rethink digital possibilities

About Devnco

Devnco is a team of disruptive technologists, dedicated towards developing progressive solutions to business challenges, to help organizations achieve their vision and goals.
In a constantly evolving digital world, we are technology enthusiasts on a mission to create an ever-lasting impact. A team of innovators, forward-thinkers and pragmatists, we work with organizations as their strategic partners, to bring about digital disruption and solve real-time challenges through purpose-driven solutions. We help businesses unveil their capabilities and satisfy their demand for digital transformation. by providing tailor-made resources in web and mobility space.

Driven by digital passion

For the next generation of customers, digital is the new ‘natural’. Businesses worldwide have to choose between being digital disruptors or becoming disrupted, based on the gamut of resources they possess. As strategic partners, Devnco brings to the table contemporary technologies, along with the expertise to choose the best-fit tools, and the knowledge to plan ahead of times. Helping you declutter from the digital abyss, we maximize productive digitalization, while keeping it minimal.
Who we are
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Our services

For us, being good is just not good enough. From education to health-care and manufacturing, we serve a wide range of domains, but remain agile to adapt to each one’s changing demands, as well as be foresighted to focus on exceeding customer expectations.

Research &

Enabling useful insights to help you make the right decisions, every step of the way.

Product design &

Our knack for details and resourceful methodologies help you get started in the right manner.

Mobile & Web

Applications designed by innovations giving your business the right online tools and be service-ready.


Redefine business and artificial intelligence to drive your business in data-driven, smart business models.

Open source &

Efficient business solutions which help you achieve seamless customer experiences.
What we do
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technology partners
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What makes us unique

At Devnco, our approach solely remains on being futuristic believers and doers. As your technology partners, we help you navigate through the fast-paced digital race and be ready for the next. Helping you communicate better with your clients, we remain a catalyst for your performance growth. Simply put, we are here to add value.

We listen

And that is what separates us from the rest. We listen to your thoughts. We hear out what you want to tell us. We don’t make assumptions. Maintaining clarity through communication, we keep it simple and crisp.

We do

It’s not planning and strategies, but its implementation and execution, which matters to us. We value your time and create a stimulating environment to give you the best ROI.

We innovate

We believe if we are not moving forward, we are moving backwards. We love creating out-of-the-box solutions. We are explorers. We are mind-benders. But we are sane enough to be methodically insane.

We deliver

We exceed your expectations because we set our own benchmarks higher. Be it our approach, quality of work, technology or simply ideas, what reaches you is structured to be the best.

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Thanks for all the efforts

The assigned project was executed with top notch professional approach. Way beyond what I expected. I also appreciate the fact of how Devnco helped me with my sales and marketing strategy and provided me with pragmatic suggestions on each step of my product development journey.
Dianne Long

Amazing work

Devnco's understanding of our business needs and culture of the organisation enables them to provide us with high calibre resources. Looking forward to a long term business relationship.
Simon Kelly


You all are amazing. I cant believe your speed.. Overall, I'm very happy with this work done.
Timothy Chang
VP - Engineering, Automotive Division

Highly motivated team!

Highly motivated team, perfect for any project.
Ketan Kambhoj
CTO, Manufacturing Unit

Excellent team!

Devnco is an excellent team and is an essential part of ours. It's been my great pleasure to work with you.
Robert Passey
Project Manager, ERP Product Company