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Seamless Telecommunication Solutions

With the advent of IT and Digitalization, telecommunications have helped businesses grow globally. Telecommunication applications have become an integral part of daily corporate life. Devnco understands the importance of a seamless communication platform for business, as well as personal use, on a daily basis. Our team of highly qualified developers has helped global organisations to create their own telecommunication platforms as a business opportunity.
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Bridging the gap through optimised telecommunication channels


Interconnected, closed group and open-source web applications with features like group chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, call recording and other such features, with high-end security and cloud-based connectivity.


High functional iOS and android based mobile apps with video call, voice call and messaging features for corporates or public use. Simplified app design flow for ease of use, along with scope to introduce new features at later stages.

Full-fledged IT solutions for the telecommunication industry

Making use of the latest technologies to develop innovative, high-performing communication apps into a successful business idea.
For corporates
Custom solutions for closed groups
Complete customisation of web and mobile applications to suit needs of the business including monitored access, one click calling, customised security codes, admin rights, etc.
Integration with third party devices
Compatibility with external devices like microphones, cameras, and AI based devices for enhanced communication experience.
Compatibility with office tools and software
In-call option for sharing of different documents like presentations, audios, videos and images.
Call recording features
Option of recording ongoing calls and sharing the link of same with the participants, if required.
For individual
Fully functional voice-based communication platforms for making voice and video calls through the internet
Entertainment features
Additional features like change of background, screen sharing, digital art board, etc. to make the applications more user-centric.
Profile Management
Creating a complete profile with photo identification, personal information, gallery, etc.
Secured log-in access
One-step password verification or two-step verification along with password retrieval for secured log-in.

Tech Solutions for Telecommunication Industries

High tech platform for voice clarity
Use of noise cancellation technology for better voice clarity, reduced call drops and background/static noise.
Call record maintenance
Maintenance of valuable records for future reference, option to mark important calls as starred, speed dials, and other call record features.
Enhanced Privacy
VoIP enabled communication to call and connect without sharing of personal mobile numbers for better security.
Option to launch application as free and pro versions with capabilities to limit all features in the free trial.

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Why Hire Devnco for Telecommunication Solutions?

With the increasing demand of high-quality communication for corporates and public use, the need for highly stable applications has reached its pinnacle. Devnco is helping global companies to bridge their communication gap and expand rapidly through advanced tech solutions. Get the expertise and an experience of more than 15 years from our thinking labs to develop the best solutions for your business.

Shortest turnaround time for hassle-free development

Use of latest technologies for innovative applications

Best-in-class after-sales support by highly 0 trained IT Team

Quick implementation with plug-and-play features

Unlimited upgrades as required, for all future uses

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

HRSolutions – Automated recruitment platform

The solution helps businesses across any domain to increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time to fill, reduce cost per hire and improve overall talent profile of the company. Introduction of AI based analytics automates candidate screening, applicant status updates and other aspects of candidate experience providing organizations with a consistent and scalable interface in a SaaS based model.

Software development services we provide

Custom Software for Telecommunication applications:

Fully customisable communication software for big and small enterprises as required for global business expansion.


Faster development procedures ensure the shortest time to launch a minimal viable product in the market.

Team extension

Strengthen your core team without the hassles of hiring, as Devnco takes care of all your Automation requirements as an extended arm of your business.

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