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Modern Social Media Solutions

Social media has become an integral part of our dailylives, as well as plays a significant role when it comes to businesses, bringinglots of advantages such as engaging your audience, website traffic boosting,etc. With the largest target population for businesses being the millennialsand gen-Z, Social Media applications and platforms are a gold mine for businessstart-ups who want to explore its potential. Devnco brings the latest intechnology and digital solutions within reach of organizations, along with theexperience and expertise of highly qualified IT professionals.
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Helping businesses create a lucrative social universe


High-performance, feature-rich mobile applications for iOS and Android, that handle large number of active users at any given time. Data analysis to suggest recommendations for users. User analytics and cloud-based secure database management for business users to be worry-free. Integrated payment gateway, live chat support, in-app purchases and customizations as additional features.


Integrated API for same experience on mobile and web, with all functionalities as mobile app. Responsive design for universal web experience for all users and on multiple screens. Login access to admin for database management and security protocols, as well as for better overall management.

Comprehensive Social Media App Development Services

Any idea that you may have for a social media application can be turned to reality with the help of the highly qualified IT team at Devnco.
Social networking / messaging Apps
Seamless Interactive Features
In-built features to like voice calling, video calling, messaging, as well as share, reply and comment on posted images, articles and videos.
Variable File sharing
Sharing of files made easy, which includes JPEG, PNG, GIF, DOC, MP3, MP4, ZIP, etc. file extensions.
End-to-end encrypted messages
Providing a secure channel for a one-to-one and group interaction, to ensure user data safety and privacy.
Home - Delivery App
End-to-end Business apps
From groceries and furniture, to food-ordering, home services and everything else, create listing and review apps as a great business opportunity.
ML enabled capabilities
Smart apps that help learn consumer behaviour for recurring clients, analytics on inventory management, purchase graphs and other analytical data, through automation.
Third party software integration
Hassle free collaboration of third-party applications like e-wallets, cameras, GPS, etc.
Matrimonial / Dating App
User customization
Customized UI/UX with enhanced features along with personalised accounts for each user.
Privacy Protocols
End-to-end encrypted messaging, secure profile uploading and sharing, intra-app communication channels and other security features for app users.
Preference Filtering
Choice of filtering preferences, based on location, age, sex, demography, etc., to provide better results for users.

Tech Solutions for Business ideas in social media

Social Networks
Seamless and user-centric social media applications on web and mobile platforms, with multiple features, including call, message, video calls and communication in groups.
Media Sharing Networks
High-performance media sharing platforms for creating, posting and sharing videos, images, articles between users, majorly through mobile applications, with Web compatibilities.
Discussion Apps
Group chats and online forums for closed-group communication, for entertainment, as well as professional use. Additional features as required, which can be further enhanced later on.
Consumer review network
Review platforms for different business types, for users to post their experiences, suggestions and feedbacks, as well as communicate directly with businesses.

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Why hire Devnco as a Social Media app Development Company?

Social Media applications are in boom and businesses that want to make it big in the industry need to have a rock-solid IT foundation. Hire our experts, as well as our years of experience that has helped global businesses to achieve success, thanks to flawless execution, systematic product development, and an in-depth know-how of real-time market requirements.

Proven track record in Social Media apps development expertise

High-performing platforms built using Modern Technology

Best-in-class after-sales support for maintenance and upgradation, as required

In-built analytics for better decision making

Focus on better User Experience for higher success-rate

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

Greenwood Nursery – Buy indoor & outdoor plants

An ecommerce app to buy indoor and outdoor plants. Products are categorized, users can get all information about the plant, required light conditions, watering and soil inputs amongst other things required for the overall health of the plant.

Fashion Ecommerce

A mobile app enabled to sell apparels and aware users about the latest fashion trends. Ease of shopping enabled to shop variety of products at great deals and discounts directly through the mobile app. Easy checkout and seamless shopping experience is the key to success for this app.

Software development services we provide

Customized Social Media Applications

High-performing cloud-based applications, with scope for unlimited updates, better security and look and feel  that appeals to a global audience.


Shortest turnaround time for development and launch of minimum viable product, for better insights through beta programs, as well as open scope of unlimited additional features, as needed in later stages.

Team extension

Devnco has a large pool of IT experts, dedicatedly working with your team, as an extended arm that is managed by us, hence eliminating the need for spending resources in hiring an in-house team of IT experts.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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