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Testing Center of Excellence

Validations that guarantee optimized outcomes

Ensuring optimized quality, with market-ready sustainability

Devnco owns experience in providing all kinds of managed and independent testing services, supplemented through a team of highly seasoned test engineers. Our testing services are an amalgamation of different skill-sets, backed with the most innovative sets of accelerators and different frameworks for start-to-end testing. Through stringent QA processes and in-house testing facilities, we carry out combined manual and automated software testing, to deliver time-bound and accurate results that enable our customers to save on overhead costs and get optimized performance from their projects.

Manual testing

In conducting manual testing, Devnco team of QA analysts carefully review the product on different devices and in different simulations to verify its performance, usability and user-friendliness. Underlying issues that may bypass automated testing, if any, are detected through multiple test-runs and real-time, personalized feedback is recorded to take corrective measures and preventive course of action.

Advantages of Manual Testing:

  • Allows a responsive testing environment, based on performance outcomes rather than preset steps.
  • Supports an agile approach, to find deficiencies at the initial stages itself, instead of testing product post development.
  • Adds the human element to the testing process, to provide a more accurate reading of user experience, including aspects like emotional response, end-user psychology and response to behavioral patterns.

Automated testing

At Devnco, our QA's are equipped with the latest and most diverse testing tool-kits to carry out automated testing of software on different platforms. This enables a product to be tested thoroughly, through automated simulations, for usability and performance in the shortest time and with enhanced accuracy. In-depth analysis reports and faster response time ensures that the end-product is as stable as it can be.

Advantages of Automated Testing:
  • Reruns of multiple simulations are possible, keeping the exact same parameters, to collect more accurate data in a controlled environment.
  • Different tests can be run simultaneously, with faster response, to save time on testing, without compromising on accuracy.
  • Eliminates physical shortcomings, like human error, lack of communication, time or place constraints and so on.

Benefits of our 'Quality Control' and management with Devnco

Devnco is about the impeccable customer experience. That is why we put a paramount focus on the quality of software we deliver to our clients.

20 years of Quality Management experience

In-house Quality Management standards

Automation and Agility

Our Quality Assurance Solutions

A dedicated industry-specific approach, supported with AI-powered automated solutions enables Devnco to deliver products par excellence.

Test Data

Devnco offers a unified approach to data management, compiled from different data sources, for ease of data extracting and comparison. This capability gives access to create precise test-case scenarios for realistic testing environment.

Omnichannel User Experience Testing

With the end-user being at the core of any product’s success, omnichannel testing has become a necessity for a seamless experience. With our dedicated omnichannel testing for user-experience, we ensure that every test product offers the same optimized user experience on any and every device.


Following the continuous testing methodology, Devnco team rapidly conducts software testing at each stage of development to ensure early detection and correction of issues in the beginning itself.

Managed QA

Devnco quality assurance services aim to reduce development costs and speed up launch timings, while mitigating risks and complexities. Using AI-powered processes, we introduce the best industry practices to address quality testing challenges and deliver world-class products.


A holistic approach to improve software quality through automated testing and streamlined test management is part of our practice. Devnco team carries out test automation to intensively test the performance, load and quality of the software before handing over the final product.

Product Application & Mobility Testing

Achieve better ROI's on your mobile applications and software, with Devnco team providing comprehensive testing of new applications. With an accelerated time-to-market ratio and multi-angled testing, including performance, device compatibility and localization, we help businesses launch in a dynamic market with confidence.

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Stage-wise approach to QA and Testing

Software Maintenance

Quality &
UX Audit

Security and Compliance Tests

Performance Evaluation

Software Validation


Quality & UX Audit

Code Reviews

Performance Evaluation

Software Validation

Security and Compliance Tests

Software Maintenance

Gathering feedback to begin next cycle of upgrade


Defining and setting Research Goals


Core idea research and development with practical feasibility study


Creating Prototypes and testing real-time scenarios, including early adaptation


Adapting changes, strategizing and upgrading product/service to monetize the ideas


Gathering feedback to begin next cycle of upgrade.

The process we follow


Creating a customized strategy based on the nature of the project

Set up the environment for an efficient testing process


Evaluation of testing results, shared with findings and recommendations

Final deployment of the optimized product


Creating a customized strategy based on the nature of the project


Set up the environment for an efficient testing process


Evaluation of testing results, shared with findings and recommendations


Final deployment of the optimized product

QA Business Drivers

A dedicated industry-specific approach, supported with AI-powered automated solutions enables Devnco to deliver products par excellence.


Our perfected combination of unmatched human competencies with tech capabilities facilitates high-performing outcomes


We grasp changing trends and forecast future ones through AI-enabled data analysis, to assess our own implementation strategies


With a primary focus on exceeding expectations, every project undertaken is delivered only after clearing stringent quality checks


A responsive approach at every stage of development and testing to ensure seamless execution and all requirements addressed

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