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Cutting-Edge Wellness and Fitness Solutions

In today's fast-paced world, prioritizing wellness and fitness has become essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a result, the wellness and fitness industry is rapidly growing, and businesses are innovating to keep up with the demand. Devnco is at the forefront of this revolution. Our expertise has helped various institutes and ancillary businesses in the wellness and fitness industry adapt to the changing trends and incorporate digital solutions for a more streamlined and efficient approach to fitness and wellness.
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Transforming Wellness & Fitness businesses through digitalization


Elevate your fitness center with cutting-edge cloud-based platform. Easily communicate with users, instructors, and support staff while generating hassle-free reports. Simplify attendance, performance tracking, staff management, video streaming, and payment processing, all while ensuring secure data storage both online and offline.


Experience enhanced user engagement and seamless trainer-client communication with our visually appealing and user-friendly mobile applications. Our iOS and Android fitness tracking solutions offer course delivery, video streaming, live streaming, and customized course management features, along with secure data storage and digitalized certificates


We offer customized development of wearable devices for performance monitoring, enabling users to stay connected and track their progress with workout reminders and biofeedback. Our wearable device integrations seamlessly connect smart watches, fitness bands, and modern gadgets. Leveraging Bluetooth, native device functionalities and other hardware, we ensure effortless data portability.

Optimized IT Solutions for Wellness and Fitness Organizations

Discover business and end-user-focused functionalities with our cutting-edge tech solutions and level up your success.
For Businesses
Wearable Device Integration
Video compatibility to undertake online training sessions, as well as 24*7 guidance. Seamlessly sync with fitness bands, smartwatches, and health monitors for real-time data tracking and counselling.
AI Coaching
Leverage AI-powered coaching for personalized recommendations and virtual training experiences.
Data Analytics & Insights
Utilize data analytics to gain valuable insights into athlete performance and business operations.
VR Training Simulations
Enhance athlete skills and decision-making through immersive virtual reality simulations
For End Users
VR Fitness Classes
Join virtual fitness classes from anywhere, led by certified instructors in various disciplines. Enjoy the flexibility to participate in live or on-demand sessions.
Nutrition & Meal Planning
Achieve your fitness goals with personalized nutrition plans and meal planning tools, guiding you towards a diet that aligns perfectly with your goals.
Personalized Training Recommendations
Receive tailored workout plans and diet suggestions based on individual goals.
Social Community & Sharing
Connect with others, share progress, and receive motivation within the app.

Tech Solutions for Wellness and Fitness Businesses

Health Monitoring Solutions
Monitor and optimize your clients' well-being with advanced health-tracking tech, empowering you to deliver personalized care and achieve better outcomes.
Customer Onboarding and Operations Management
Streamline processes and enhance customer experiences with digital solutions, ensuring smooth operations and seamless onboarding.
Custom Digital Courses and Live Streaming
Engage and educate with tailored digital courses and live streaming, providing interactive fitness experiences at your fingertips.
Health Reports and Analytical Dashboards
Gain insights and make data-driven decisions with robust reports and analytics, maximizing the impact of your wellness and fitness offerings.

Transform your wellness and fitness business today

Why Hire Devnco?

Devnco specialize in state-of-the-art solutions that are designed to help businesses like yours achieve your goals and grow quickly in an ever-changing market.
With a focus on innovation and a deep commitment to our clients' success, our team provides fast, adaptable, and effective digital solutions that can help you take your wellness and fitness business to the next level

Hassle-free navigation with a user-friendly interface for easy implementation

Self-generating performance reports and detailed athlete progress charts

Seamless access to health and fitness data and resources from anywhere with cloud-based solutions

Quick development and deployment

Customizations based on individual requirements specializations

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

Sportspot – Find the right coach

Sports enthusiasts and professionals can find the right coach for over 15 different sports categories. Find nearby coach, show interest, book a coach, get a personalized sports training plan, monitor training activities, Sportspot does it all.

Fitness & Wellness Business with Our Services

Custom Software for Wellness & Fitness industry

Tailor-made software and applications designed for the unique needs of wellness and fitness businesses


Quick-to-Market Beta version of your tech solutions, allowing for quicker response times and better end-products in the market.

Team Extension

Extend your team effortlessly with our developers. They become an integral part of your IT team, eliminating the need for further hiring.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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