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Artificial Intelligence

Think virtual, implement digital, grow real

Embed Devnco’s ‘smarter’ tech-solutions to core business operations and experience result-centric, measurable growth. ‘smarter’ tech-solutions to core business operations and experience result-centric, measurable growth.

Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses world-wide, to scale up processes, deliver outcomes with higher efficiency and better align business goals with customer requirements. Devnco brings you the opportunity to reinvent your business strategies, by integrating AI to products, business operations, new domains, developing tools and all allied methodologies, to deliver on a great customer experience.

With our solutions spanning across web and mobile alternatives, we help you leverage  Artificial Intelligence technologies and integrated AI services, to gain a competitive advantage in rapidly changing market scenario.

From initiation to implementation, our entire range of AI offerings, from AI consulting, development and integration services are customized as per customer expectations and budget, for start-ups to MNCs.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

Data Science

Devnco has the required expertise to implement AI-based solutions for data interpretation, pattern-recognition, trend analysis and Business Intelligence. Integrating our services with the latest Machine Learning technology, we help businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprises, to yield profitable outcomes and ease out complexities to supply smart solutions without a hitch.

Chatbot and Conversational AI

With Devnco, your business can utilize the unlimited source of data to its full potential. With Deep Learning that allows AI to learn unsupervised, we help you to handle complex processes and keep evolving your algorithms with the least manual intervention and utmost precision. Our team specifically crafts digital strategies that ensure the success of your business in terms of ROI growth.

Computer Vision

Computer vision, a new-age advancement in AI, is one of the most sought-after technologies and a game-changer for businesses today. In essence, Computer Vision technologies function similar to human vision, with capabilities to build autonomous programs and partial ability to execute certain tasks without constant manual supervision.

Natural Language Processing
(NLP) analysis

Natural Language Processing, commonly referred to as NLP is an advanced technology that can read and interpret human language, in turn, directing the businesses towards the notice of potential customers. Providing a dynamic user experience, NLP strategies offer smart solutions to interpret consumer behavioral insights through different forms of speech – written or spoken. With Devnco, your business can reach your target groups with supreme efficiency.

How ArtificiaI Intelligence can help a business?

Improve Business

With the help of AI, you can gain better insights into ongoing trends and even predict future patterns of business decision-making.

Identify new
revenue opportunities

Artificial Intelligence allows companies to check on the historical buying patterns of their customers and make reasonable decisions based on it. It is based on these assumptions that they release promotional offers, discounts and coupons.

Enhance customer experience

With superior AI-based technologies, business can enhance their customer experience manifold, by integrating related technologies in everyday operations.

Helps understand more
about the users

AI enables businesses access to data that helps them read and analyze demands of target groups by incorporating funnel analytics methods and social value metrics, to achieve better insights.

Unravel hidden insights in
customer data

In order to uncover intricacies of individual customer experiences, AI extracts appropriate data and identifies users who are more likely to stay, for businesses to provide personalized customer-experiences.

Process large
amount of data

When it comes to handling data, AI allows one to efficiently gather, as well as retrieve and analyze all the information, to make it readily available at any given point of time.

Understand customer expectations

Catering to customer needs is what any business aims for. With the advent of AI, businesses can achieve targeted and structured customer segregations and make use of limitless data to forecast customer requirements.

Assist in micro and macro decision making

While making decisions both big or small, AI helps in gathering, analyzing and recommending strategies to sort out all the urgent aspects of business, along with the ones that will be of importance in the future.

Identify areas of

AI, to a great extent, regulates predictive analysis, since it can identify the behavior of customers. For instance, if customers are planning to discontinue or face certain recurring pain-points. This further helps in building effective strategies, beforehand.


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