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Holistic Healthcare IT Solutions

The Healthcare IT sector has advanced to a level that makes it a necessity for caregivers to be adept with the evolving technologies. Devnco offers a distinguished range of IT Solutions, consisting of custom-built models, as well as plug-and-play software, for medical organizations to optimize their existing healthcare infrastructure. With more than 16 years of experience, working with some of the most renowned Medical Organizations, we have addressed needs of healthcare and patientcare through tech-driven innovative modernization services, cloud support and Care Delivery digitization.

Providing organization with a distinct digital identity


Web-based applications to streamline doctor-patient interoperability, protection of highly confidential patientcare information, Hassle-free EHR maintenance and interconnectivity, Big Data algorithms for hospital data analysis, Configuration of access rights for medical and non-medical staff in database, and automation of routine non-medical business operations, including admission, legal, billing and much more.


Healthcare applications, for iOS and Android, to experience a hassle-free doctor-patient communication. Upgraded features to include tele-health support, patient history and lab result access, reminders for medical prescriptions, appointment booking, online consult, and others.


Creating custom gadget solutions for users, with new modalities for diagnosis, health monitoring, activity tracking, heart rate/sugar level monitoring and other necessary interactives for fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Our 360° Healthcare IT services

Our digital solutions encompass an all-round offering for big and small Hospitals and Medical Organizations
For Hospitals
Data Accessibility
Systematic access to EHR, medical records, billing, HR, Legal, and all other non-medical documentation, along with performance analysis reports.
Paperless Working
Fully secure automated processes that eliminate need for printed record-keeping and documentation.
Improved Diagnostic Assistance
Anytime access and digital display of lab reports and patient history, for enhanced treatment practices.
Non-medical Staff Support
Streamlining cross-department interaction, with a centralized documentation processing, including employee management, attendance, inventory management, visitor log, etc.
For Patients
Remote Medical Care
Making appointments, documentation, Online Consult, emergency ambulance services, access to treatment information and lab results, etc.
Health Monitoring
24*7 Heart-rate monitoring, Blood sugar level monitoring and BP monitoring through wearable devices
Automated Reminders
Automated notifications for medicine refills, appointments, activity tracking, payments, rehabilitation progress and much more.
Treatment Transparency
Complete transparency of medical procedures, lab tests, reports, start-to-end treatment progress, previous medical history, etc.

Tech solutions for Clinics and Hospitals

Web and mobile-based application for online outpatient consult, through messaging and video calls, along with e-prescription of medications and remote patient evaluation.
A web-based provision of HCRM solution and PRM systems, for mapping the end-to-end patient treatment progress, along with notification of disease-management and other wellness programs.
An internal portal for employees to interact with each other on a professional basis, share relevant news, knowledge forums, etc. An integral tool for staff training and employee bonding.
Patient portal
Web-based platform for patients to access all their medical information at any given time, allowing them to communicate seamlessly with their healthcare providers regarding lab reports, treatment progress, prescriptions, etc.

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Why hire Devnco as your Healthcare App Development partner?

We blend in 15+ years of experience with an innovative approach to keep medical organizations upgraded with the latest in Digitalization. Our expertise spans across clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations, to solve real-time Health-tech problems of our clients.

Innovative Approach to Health-tech specific problems

Access to Experienced Development Team

Quick Response and Shorter Project Turnaround Time

Client-centric approach for customized solutions

Access to latest available technologies

Best-in-class tech-support, post project completion

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

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Software development services we provide

Custom HealthTech Solutions

Tailor-made IT solutions, that address individual problems for hospitals, clinics and medical labs.


Developing minimal viable products for healthcare start-ups  to enter the healthcare market, with features developed at pocket-friendly pricing to test an idea before a full-fledged launch.

Team extension

Make Devnco an extended arm of your in-house team, instead of hiring and training employees, to make smarter use of available resources.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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