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Open Source & E-Commerce

Developing solutions to create, run and scale your online business

Be an early-adapter of digital, with effective solutions from Devnco.

E-commerce and digital marketplaces are the next generation of businesses. Gain a competitive edge in this lucrative market, with the whole range of open-source and e-commerce development services from Devnco.

With faster development time, scalable models and user-friendly UI, we help you to get started immediately. Our experience in the field ensures that the platform is flexible to accommodate larger traffic without compromising on performance. We help you choose the right platform based on your requirements, as well as the nature of your customers.


Websites and
Web Portals

In today’s digital world, your business website is your company’s first impression. At Devnco, we utilize our expertise to develop highly functional websites and web portals for all kinds of businesses, big and small. Our capabilities in different   frameworks enables us to fully customize your websites and create a seamless development experience, while our innovative approach enables refinement of your ideas in an optimized manner.


At Devnco, we cater to your changing business needs with the help of our highly skilled team of programmers. As part of our Plugin Development services, we create customized plugins and add-ons, as per your requirements, that smoothly integrate with your websites, so that you can add more features without compromising on performance. With Devnco, get the leniency of refining or modifying your business ideas on-the-go.

Content Management

From personal blogging sites to online management support systems for larger corporations, the Devnco team of developers help you make the most of fully customized content management systems (CMS). With our expertise in creating some of the best CMS web applications that are successfully helping businesses worldwide, your business, too, can benefit from our CMS development experience to gain a huge competitive edge.

Sites & Portals

The new-age customer is rapidly shifting to online shopping and e-commerce solutions are becoming a necessity for businesses. Our extensive experience in developing ecommerce sites for a global clientele has helped us master the art of creating customer-centric, feature-rich digital marketplaces. With completely customized e-commerce solutions offered by Devnco, you can reach out to your audience in the most effective ways, keeping their preferences and convenience in mind.

Innovative Approach


Strategic Planning

Understanding the nature of the project, taking into consideration the different internal and external variables, using data to make well-informed estimates and creating the project roadmap to ensure a smooth execution process, beforehand, we take each step with a definitive plan in mind.

Strategy Execution

Choosing the right platform that can accommodate the business ideology and adapt to the business growth, is of the highest importance. Communication being our strongest attribute, we consensually execute our strategies, keeping you in the loop at every stage of development.

Development & Customization

Every code written by our developers is meant to add value. We keep our codes clean and crisp, with ample room for new adaptations. We help you adapt to customizations, as required, and provide solutions that far exceed your expectations.

Final Check

Each project launched through the Devnco creative lab is rigorously tested for different performance parameters, through simulation runs and real-time environment checks. This enables us to provide our customers with result-oriented products that contribute to the business vision and remain optimized for longer periods.

Optimize the benefits of Open-Source with Devnco

Accurate business

We don’t just help you solve a business problem, but also assist in understanding the market, innovate ideas and analyze outcomes for more effective decision-making.

Best platform

With the available choices in the market today, it is easy to be confused as to which platform suits your business best. We help you make sense of this chaos and to choose the platform that is in alignment with your long-term goals.

Communication through designs

Our emphasis on the right UI designs, that are aesthetically pleasing and technically efficient, has helped our clients create a long-lasting impression on their customers. 

Customized solutions that fit perfectly

We provide the development and designing expertise required to make the best use of available open-source tools, to enhance possibilities that are customized exactly to suit your business needs.

Complete transparent processes

From processes to costs, Devnco believes in a completely transparent approach in projects, from start-to-end. 

Cost-effective &

We value your time and money, and it shows in our quick turnaround time of each project. Over the years, we have mastered the art of using our available resources skillfully, which in turn, has helped our clients become more resourceful and efficient.

Open Source Web Application Frameworks

Experience what an award-winning content management system (CMS) and a team of highly-qualified coding experts can do for your business. User-friendly and cost-effective web and mobile solutions in Joomla can help your business spearhead through competition.
A trusted open-source e-commerce platform, Magento is a part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Our expert development team helps you make the best of this agile platform to create high-performance Magento websites for your growth.
An all-in-one system to get your business online and fully running in no time. Explore endless possibilities with the guidance and experience of our Wordpress developers, to showcase your business through mobile and computer screens of your customers, using user-friendly Wordpress websites. 
From personal blogging sites to management support for larger corporations, the Devnco team of developers help you make the most of one of the best content management systems (CMS) that is available in the market today. With our expertise in creating some of the best Drupal website helping businesses worldwide, your business, too, can benefit and gain a huge competitive edge.

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