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Advanced Retail Software Development Services

From inventory management, to billing and customer interactions, retail stores are turning towards automation for higher profits and ease of conducting business. Devnco offers a wide range of digital services, tailor-made for retail chain stores and stand-alone shops. Cloud-based systems for easy access and high-end data security protocols make store-management efficient and secure, so that shop owners can focus entirely on customer-service, while automating daily recurring activities.
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Real - Time Digital Solutions to Optimize store performance

Ecommerce Solutions

Full-fledged e-commerce store for a global digital presence, with integrated payment gateway and order tracking. Professional UX-based site flow for an enhanced customer experience, along with inventory management, automated out-of-stock ordering and customized features.

User-friendly Apps

High performing and user-friendly eCommerce mobile applications to connect with customers on-the-go. Understand customer buying patterns and analyse user preferences with big data analytics and in-built monitoring algorithms.Personalized recommendations for existing customers and additional features like loyalty programs to help gain loyal customers.

Store Management systems

Improve supply chain process and inventory management through fully automated buying and selling. Centralized administrative tools for retail store chains. Reduced data risk via transparent and secured payment gateways, automated reminders, inter-store connectivity and other features.

Thanks for all the efforts

The assigned project was executed with top notch professional approach. Way beyond what I expected. I also appreciate the fact of how Devnco helped me with my sales and marketing strategy and provided me with pragmatic suggestions on each step of my product development journey.
Dianne Long

Amazing work

Devnco's understanding of our business needs and culture of the organisation enables them to provide us with high calibre resources. Looking forward to a long term business relationship.
Simon Kelly


You all are amazing. I cant believe your speed.. Overall, I'm very happy with this work done.
Timothy Chang
VP - Engineering, Automotive Division

Highly motivated team!

Highly motivated team, perfect for any project.
Ketan Kambhoj
CTO, Manufacturing Unit

Excellent team!

Devnco is an excellent team and is an essential part of ours. It's been my great pleasure to work with you.
Robert Passey
Project Manager, ERP Product Company

Advanced Tech Solutions for end-to-end store management

We understand the digital needs of big and small retail stores, and cater to them through the latest available technologies in the market.
For Large Retail Networks
Centralized connectivity
Cloud-based solutions to connect multiple stores for inventory management, communication, employee management and reliable supply chain management.
Online Selling
Ecommerce platforms enabling an opening to larger market, where customers can receive wider range of products in less time.
Interactive Applications
Digital solutions for customer referral programs, online customer feedback forms, loyalty programs and store discounts, to provide better customer experience.
For Small Mom and Pop Stores
Store Digitalization
Web applications and mobile applications that are custom built to provide functionality for tracking sales, managing product inventory, etc.
Digital Billing
Developing digital billing systems, to replace traditional cash registers and accountancy to accept payments from customers, refunds and digital receipts generation.
Automated Messaging
Enhanced customer services, with automated messaging software to send payment reminders, festive wishes and purchase notifications to customers.

Tech Solutions for Stores and Retail Chains

Retail CRM
Cloud-based Web applications to help manage daily activities of retail store, predict orders through purchase history, maintain customer database and personalize customer interactions.
POS Systems
Web and mobile-based Point-of-Sale systems to carry out easy and secure billing and order processing, generating financial reports and sales analysis.
Retail Management Systems
Online and offline web applications to keep track of products, to ensure availability, proper pricing and accurate in-stock account.
Customized Preferences
Tailor-made web and mobile solutions specifically built to suit small, mid-size and large retail stores, as per business preferences.

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Why Hire Devnco as your digital partner in retail software development?

For more than a decade, Devnco has been helping retail stores and larger retail chains to expand their businesses and to carry out business more efficiently, both, on customer front, as well as in backend management. We help business owners with complete automation services, so that they can focus more on growing their businesses.

Usage of latest technologies and tools to digitalize recurring activities.

Accuracy in numbers and figures, to provide real-time, in-depth business analysis and sales performance.

Enhanced customer experience to cater to a growing tech-savvy audience.

Inclusiveness to product’s UI/UX design.

Simplified solutions for quick installation and hassle-free execution.

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

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Software development services we provide

Customization for Large Retail Enterprises

IT Solutions that helps expanding businesses to seamlessly cater to a global audience, and to adopt uniformity across all stores.


Developing faster and affordable minimal viable products with must-have features to get started immediately and developing ideas on-the-go.

Team extension

Devnco’s engineers become your digital partners to work hand-in-hand, which saves you the time and cost of hiring, training and maintaining a full-fledged IT team.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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