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Dedicated Teams

Extend your capabilities to reach your goals faster

Let the best of developers work on your projects

Devnco delivers the perfect mix of flexibility, scalability and compatibility to support your projects and bring them to fruition. With a wide range of domain expertise to choose from, we leverage your projects by handpicking your very own team of software developers from our vast talent pool, most suitable for the given work. If you plan on growing beyond the available local capabilities and offshoring your software development department, to focus on other aspects of your business, team Devnco is the perfect go-to partner.

Eliminate the tedious tasks of searching for the best project-based developers, setting up the required infrastructure, monitoring their work progress and worrying about meeting deadlines. We will do it for you.

No more delays in product launches.

No more high investments in setting up the infrastructure.

And surely no more compromise on the quality of your Team.

The best time to collaborate with us

No more delays in product launches. No more high investments in setting up the infrastructure.  And surely no more compromise on the quality of your Team.
When you have your own in-house team, but a particular project requires rapid expansion of skill-set or added technical expertise.
When you need a trusted software development partner, with adaptable business model.
When you do not want a dedicated software development department, but frequently need software engineers.
When you use software development processes and want a team that can follow your procedures to-the-T.
Have previous experience in working with development teams and are in search of different sourcing and technical options.

Dedicated team benefits from Devnco

Access to talent pool

Each developer on the Devnco in-house team is reliable and capable, as they are selected, strictly based on their skills and experience. Our hiring managers work alongside you, to interview and select the right team members who, along with the necessary skill, also display the temperament and persona to match that of yours.

Talent Management

From reporting and task assignments, to meeting deadlines and everything else, we assign managers to handle the workflow of the selected team, as required, to increase the productive time of the developers and, still, having work progress on record.

Easy administration

Exploring security risks, threats and vulnerabilities in the product and taking corrective measures.

Delivery management

The source code is studied and recommendations are made to enhance performance consistency and quality of code.

Excellent infrastructure

A detailed software validation of the end product is done before handing it over, to ensure it meets all the set parameters and prerequisites.

Expert IT Consultation

Post maintenance of the product is provided by the team to keep the performance of the product optimized after its launch.

The process we follow



Identify requirements before undertaking team recruitment


Assign team and install infrastructure as needed


Launch Team briefing and training, with stage 1 initiation


Adapting and recruiting team members as required, alongside project expansion


Monitoring regular progress to ensure seamless execution

The Approach Followed by Devnco Team

With an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies, from its capabilities to performance, functioning, risks and all other nitty-gritties, we put our knowledge to use in making the perfect, tailor-made solutions for your business, in a systematic, step-by-step manner.

Tech Solutions to Business Problems

A dynamic development environment requires a team that is responsive to ad-hoc issues, that may arise during production and show the necessary problem-solving skills.
  • System integration services
  • Technical support
  • QA & Testing services

Co -Development & Management

Our vast experience in setting up co-development teams and successfully driving them to complete larger projects has made Devnco the preferred partner for renowned Enterprises, ISVs and different tech-startups.
  • Mobile & Web development services
  • Maintenance and modernization services
  • Project management


The Devnco team of DevOps experts resourcefully help in automation delivery, to scale your business rapidly into the big leagues.
  • Development and Migration services
  • Third party integration and testing
  • Quality Assurance and Ops services

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