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Innovative Media and Entertainment Solutions

The media and entertainment industry is at its peak, with millennials and gen-Z wanting to experience comfort and leisure through digital channels. As the era of television slowly fades away, the latest source of Media and Entertainment switches to mobiles and laptops. This, in turn, has given rise to a huge market scope for start-ups and businesses to enter this lucrative market. With a strong expertise in this field and more than a decade of experience, Devnco is helping businesses that want to explore this domain, by becoming their reliable IT partners and through the use of innovative technologies.
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Exploring entertainment capabilities through the latest digital technologies


High-functional web-based applications, including video streaming platforms, audio streaming platforms, live broadcasting and TV-live streaming platforms, that support large number of users at any given time. In-built analysis of users and subscribers, behaviour patterns, etc. for better decision making.


iOS and Android based entertainment applications, including audio streaming apps, interactive games, digital magazines, etc. Enhanced UI designs for better user experience, supported by high-performing cloud-based servers to maintain high-performance, even with high increase of app users.

AR/VR Enabled Gadgets

Custom solutions developed for AR/VR enabled applications and games to provide the best user experience. Strong after-sales support for IT maintenance and future upgrades of gadgets and apps.

Extensive IT Solutions for a Dynamic Media and Entertainment Industry

For start-ups and businesses that want to explore the unlimited possibilities in the Media and Entertainment domain, we provide all the necessary support to flourish.
For Businesses
Access Controls to Digital Content
Monitored upload of videos, space allocation, video content and user permissions with controlled access.
Easy check on sensitive or confidential content
Limit permissions for access to information or content for certain users, based on age, region, sex, preferences, genre, etc. if required.
Reports and analytics on watching patterns and preferences of end-user
Understanding behaviour pattern of subscribers based on their screen time, log-in, choice of show/game through self-generated analytics.
For Users/Subscribers
Personalised preferences
Option to download, save, share and like videos, audios, e-books, etc to library for viewing offline.
Smart recommendations
Automated recommendation of similar videos/files based on previous watch history of user and watching pattern.
Matching people with similar interests
Following popular accounts/influencers, joining similar interest groups, and interacting with like-minded people through comments and discussions.

Tech Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

Interactive gaming
Use of 3D interface for interactive gaming. Integration of AR/VR technologies in mobile applications as additional features for games and videos.
Cloud based
Secure cloud servers to ensure data security, shorter response time and uniform user experience even for large number of subscribers/players.
Customised preferences
Fully customisable accounts on web and mobile platforms for each user, based on their likes and dislikes, visual preferences, and account security.

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Why hire Devnco for Media and Entertainment Solutions?

Media and entertainment is a fast evolving industry, that requires a higher level of tech-capabilities for its successful implementation. For more than a decade, Devnco has been a part of various successful projects, helping businesses create an identity for themselves on a global market. With a team of highly skilled experts, we ensure on-time project completions at affordable costs.

Focus on user centric UI

Detailed analytical reports for taking informed business decisions

Short turnaround time to get started immediately

Option to add features and unlimited upgrades in future

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

PlayOne – Video streaming

A subscription based social platform for streaming live and recorded videos of artists. With a host of other features which makes the platform interesting, users can also follow artists, see what’s trending, like videos, get updates, share videos, etc.

Software development services we provide

Custom Software for Media and Entertainment Industry

Customised software and applications curated as per the changing trends of a tech-savvy audience.


Applications built on the latest technologies that ensure quick turnaround time to launch MVP’s in the market.

Team extension

Hire a one-stop solution for all your IT requirements without the need of an internal IT team, with Devnco acting as your dedicated IT partners.

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