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Ingenious manufacturing solutions

Manufacturing has always been closely related to advanced technologies and the recent industrial revolution has made IT an integral part of it. With automation being the highest priority of businesses for their growth, it has become a necessity to have a strong, highly qualified IT professionals to back them up. Over the years, Devnco has closely worked with industrial and manufacturing companies to optimize their performance through the use of latest and advanced technologies. With a team of domain experts readily available for your assistance, we ensure the best of IT services to help your business grow.
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Optimising Manufacturing Solutions using the latest tech advancements


Automate complete plant processes through customised web solutions including machinery, employee management, inventory management and vendor-customer services. Smart dashboard that enables admin to control access and provide permissions to respective users. In-built data analytics for improved decision making along with better communication channels for smoother functioning of the company.


iOS and Android based mobile solutions for anytime and anywhere access of unit functioning. Integration of industry specific requirements according to the nature of business, along with commonly used features like CCTV monitoring, Remote alarm systems, performance analysis reports and so on.

Custom built solutions

Tailor-made IT solutions for all kinds of machines and devices, with after-sales and maintenance support. AI/ML capabilities for smarter outputs, along with inbuilt monitoring algorithms for optimized outputs. User-based UI design for quick implementation and easy execution.

Scalable tech solutions for big and small manufacturing industries

High-tech solutions that cater to the growing needs of manufacturing units, with end-to-end maintenance support for long-term optimised results.
For Management
Unified Dashboard
Single dashboard for admin access to different aspects of plant functioning including operations, employee management, legal, finance and marketing needs.
Security and Risk management
Making use of IoT and digitalisation to assess vulnerabilities and gaps in daily functioning of manufacturing plants and disaster management.
Centralised Management for multiple plants
One place admin access to connect two or more units, with ease of connectivity for distributors and vendors.
For Customers
Project Progress Indicators
Access to status of ongoing projects, estimated completion dates, issue redressal and communication with concerned authorities through mobile or web.
Initiation of new project
Connecting with the company’s sales and service team for commencement of the new project, to understand their capabilities and availabilities.
Adherence to compliance
Online access to rules and regulations of the industry, Government compliances, downloadable forms, and necessary documentation procedures.
For Vendors & Distributors
Inventory Management
Automated notification for recurring orders, booking and cancelation of deliverables and communicating with receivers regarding dispatch and delivery.
Financial Services
Automated billing, account management, invoice, bills, and receipts generation and optional financial services like risk profiling, asset auditing, reporting, etc.
Online Registration process
New vendor registration through online portal, with access to new orders, billing enquiries, project status and other necessary details.

Tech solutions for industries and manufactuirng units

Admin Control
Complete control of daily activities, user profiles, machine health and maintenance and operational support. Self-generating performance reports for better decision making and complete work transparency
Customer Service Solution
One stop connectivity with the necessary departments and people through mobile apps and web platforms. Individual login for better business management.
Project Portfolio Management
Consolidated progress reports with individual project performance available at a single click. Automated inventory management, project tracking, team monitoring and many more through a single dashboard.
On Field Services
Easy access to field technicians for customer information, service issue monitoring, logistics updates, and market insights. Sharing of critical data for field executives for better sales planning and tracking.

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Why hire Manufacturing Solutions at Devnco?

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving to integrate IoT, AR/VR solutions and digital simulations in their daily functioning. To cater to these dynamic needs, a strong, capable IT team is a necessity for manufacturing enterprises. Devnco, with more than a decade of hands-on experience, in the manufacturing domain, has helped big and small organisations with their digitalisation and automation needs.

Complete Digitalisation of manufacturing units for optimized performance

Highly-skilled development team for end-to-end support

Scope of upgrading to additional features at any later stage

Self-generated reports for internal unit analysis

Quick installation and easy implementation to get started immediately

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

Financial Analytics Tool

A financial analytical tool for manufacturing business to track income and expenses and provides insightful information with help of beautiful, easy to understand graphs and charts. Integrates two factor authentication, smart notifications and much more.

Software development services we provide

Custom Software for Manufacturing industry

Customised software and applications specific to the requirements of manufacturing industries developed as per individual requirements.


Experienced team support for faster development of Minimum Viable Products that are easy to implement and user-friendly.

Team extension

Our experienced team is backed up with high-end technologies, that dedicatedly work on your project, so that your business can focus on all non-IT developments.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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