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Product Design & Strategy

Engineering productivity through functional designs

Portray your USPs and engage your audience through intelligent designs developed at the Devnco creative labs.

Designs have become the most widely-used language between businesses and their customers. Aesthetics are as important as functionalities in developing visionary products that streamline user interaction and enable product developers to smartly create minimal, yet effective pages.

At Devnco, we bridge the gap between product functionality and user-experience through implementation of well-structured, utilitarian Service Design. We understand how designs complement brand loyalty, and work with marketers, technologists and Service design experts to focus on the design aspect of products. For us, design is a part of product innovation.

Our Product Design Services

Product Strategy

From aligning products to business goals and addressing market needs, to prototyping and developing MVPs, we work relentlessly, alongside your team, to chalk out scalable product strategies and develop high-performing digital products.
What we do
Product Vision Definition
Competitive Analysis
Business & Market Insights
Roadmap Recommendation


Goal-oriented training programs, mock testing in simulated environments, idea exploration through interactions, open discussions and many other allied activities help our team of experts to analyse and understand product feasibility and scope.
What we do
Design Sprint
Scoping Session
Strategy Workshop
Product Design Workshop
Scalability Workshop

User Experience Design

A customer-centric approach to product development, focusing on making products experience-rich instead of feature-rich, adds to ergonomically designed products that are smart, have a longer shelf-life and adaptable to dynamic trends.
What we do
UX Research
User Personas & Flows
Prototyping & Usability Testing
Information Architecture

Visual Design

Adding to the aesthetics, the Devnco team engineer products that stand out from the crowd, while providing equal impetus to optimizing product usability. The result – better customer engagement and higher personalization of products for brand recognition.
What we do
User Interface
Brand Identity
Web & Mobile Design
Motion Design & Interactions
Voice User Interface

Product-Market Fit

Making use of data and AI, we help businesses to improve their existing product-line through a stage-wise approach of assessment-optimization-validation-launch-A/B testing.
What we do
UX Review
User Testing
Data Analytics
A/B Tests

UX Strategy

  • Stakeholders
  • SME’s
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Problem Statement
  • Success Metrics
  • Functionality / Usability
  • Design Criteria
  • Features
Informational Elements
  • Primary/ Secondary Research Data
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Interviews and Focus Group
  • Customer Feedback Evaluation

Key Characteristics

Focus on
user-centric solutions

Creating designs that resonate with end-users

product architecture

Aesthetically pleasing UIs to appeal to target audience

Minimal efforts
on user end

Strategically designed flow for ease of navigation

design process

Design process done in alignment with client vision

Robust products,
stable at the core

Latest technologies and rigorous testing ensure best outcomes


Balancing between simplicity and optimized outputs, along with enhanced user-experience

The process we follow


Idea Validation

Be it developing a new product, or revamping an existing one, our process begins with aligning ourselves with your objectives, understanding the requirements and validation of the skeletal idea, through interactions and an overview study.


An in-depth study of internal elements and external factors, including competitor analysis, industry trends, customer psyche and business processes enables our experts to explore and understand all facets of the project.

Define & Ideate

With the available data, a clearly defined objective and necessary insights, our team begins with setting up the foundation of the project and wireframing the project strategy. This stage includes multiple brain-storming sessions, ideation and workshops to create the basic foundation.

Prototype & Validate

Development of a fully-functional prototype for idea testing, as well as investor presentations, enables our experts to mock test market-acceptance, understand risks, uncover functionality gaps and reiterate.

Measure & Optimize

Based on the gathered post-launch data, the Devnco team reviews the initial problem statement to optimize the product performance, check for product stability, uncover missed opportunities and check for improvement options.


Adobe XD
Adobe XD
After Effects
Adobe Animate
Adobe Cloud
Motion Graphics/Animation

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