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Unique IoT Solutions

Digitalization has become a part of our daily lives. Alongside being a very powerful communication tool, mobile phones today, have become the core of IoT, with almost every machine in our day-to-day lives being connected to them. Being part of this exciting phase right from its inception stages, Devnco has helped various businesses to capitalize and monetize ideas based on IoT, into profitable business solutions. Our outlook towards the unlimited possibilities that IoT offers has helped us support start-ups and large corporations alike, to build highly functional emerging technologies.
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Connecting your machines through smart IoT solutions

Web and Mobile

Inter-connectivity of various devices and machines through smart mobile applications for on/off controls, maintenance reminders, performance analysis and security. One-click access through customized mobile applications, along with responsive web-app dashboard to monitor connectivity, performance and product health, as well as user-accessibility.

Devices and Wearables

From improved healthcare and medical devices to fitness, and manufacturing industries, daily security check chip-enabled cards and features like real-time health monitoring, alerts and alarms, calorie tracking, workout reminders, etc. to enhance service offerings, automation of regular tasks and monitoring for various purposes.


Desktops have sensors and mini-computer processors that use machine learning to act on the data acquired by the sensors. Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC to enable IoT enabled environment to run equipment on different parameters, enable safety protocols, navigation tools, and performance records.

Exception digital solutions for enhancing IoT outputs

Improve the efficiency in the way your daily work is done, with Devnco’s highly reliable IoT Solutions.  Control all your devices from anytime and anywhere, for improved operations management, give customers a great experience and unravel business opportunities that are affordable and practical.
For Businesses
Record and monitor data:
Creation of reliable data analytics and monitoring systems, while ensuring the real-time information capture, with the help of sensors to track health of devices and equipment, as well as accurate performance insights.
Inventory management and tracking
Keep track of inventory items and movements along the supply chain to check if any specific item is missing, alerts to let them know when materials need to be replenished and provide a cross-channel visibility to supply-chain managers.
Quality Control:
Manufacturers benefit from IoT's help in monitoring both equipment settings and the outcomes of each production step. IoT makes the standard process proactive, helps in quality control.
For Individual Consumers
Personalization of Devices
Allows customers to engage with devices while generating data to manage the product in a better way. Sensors, QR codes, and augmented reality/virtual reality/mixed reality possibilities are some of the ways to stay connected with customers through IoT.
Health and Safety:
Major health monitoring devices and safety equipment can be connected with servers to gather and monitor health and fitness of individuals. The gathered data can give valuable insights for users regarding their body functioning and catch any anomalies in behaviour.
Using IoT to connect with machines and equipment that are used every day, through mobile and web applications, to automate their start and end timing, power settings, alarm signals and other features.
Inter-connected Devices
Multiple devices can be inter-connected through a single workflow, to start on completion of certain parameters, thus setting up of entire workflows, without any manual intervention.

Tech solutions for businesses connected to the IoT industry

Connectivity Through Wi-Fi
Ideal choice for medium-range connectivity through 802.11 bandwidth to cover 50 metres, that can be further increased with the help of additional transmitters.
Bluetooth Connectivity
The perfect choice for small devices with lesser battery capacity, including wearable devices, though range of data sharing is less than that of Wi-Fi.
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Most secure and high-speed connectivity, through range of connection is limited to only 10cm. Great for uninterrupted data transfer without any risk of interception.
4G/5G Connectivity
Coverage across cellular network, with 5G speeds reaching in gigabytes. Uninterrupted, high speed data transmission that is ideal for larger areas and even smart cities.

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Why Hire Devnco for IoT Solutions?

IoT industry is advancing and adopting to newest technologies and trends, on a global basis, which needs a set of experts for implementation. Devnco, with a more than 15 years of experience in the IoT industry, provides a team of experts to transform your ideas into reality, with project submission in the given time-frame, a stable frame-work, problem-solving & innovation skills to make your business stand out.

Highly skilled experts in IoT technology to handle any complex projects

Upgradation to latest technology at any given time

Easy implementation to get started quickly

Ensure Data safety and secure IoT environment

Enhanced business and revenue opportunities

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

ArtScape – An AR experience

Art lovers can enjoy their experience in the art gallery through this stunningly designed AR app. The app is suitable for art galleries, museums, exhibitions, art shops and artist portfolios. Users can explore, get information real-time about an art, track all enabled nearby museums and art galleries, get directions inside an exhibition and much more interesting features

Software development services we provide

Custom Software for IoT enabled devices

Customised software and applications curated as per the changing trends of IoT technologies and adaptation for its best use for your business and a tech-savvy audience.


Faster Development of IoT applications, built on the latest technologies, that ensure quick turnaround time to launch MVP’s in the market.

Team extension

Hire a one-stop solution for all your IT requirements without the need of an internal IT team, with Devnco acting as your dedicated IT partners.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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