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State-of-the-art eLearning Solutions

eLearning has gained a lot of momentum in the recent years, to become a necessity for every educational institution to adapt. Distant Learning courses offered by institutions is helping them gain an international presence. However, this kind of a digital transformation requires them to have a strong IT team and high-quality tech-support. That is where Devnco’s immense experience and expertise in the ed-tech field becomes a game-changer. Over the years, we have helped ed-tech start-ups, organizations and educational institutions develop a robust, efficient digital learning experience for their users.
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Helping Ed- Tech Enterprises Develop Global Digital Presence


ERP systems built on web-based platforms, both online and offline, to manage daily organizational activities, including admissions, fee transactions, attendance, teaching and non-teaching staff work segregation, database management and lots more. Ease of communication with students and complete transparency, along with self-generated reports and data mining capabilities for performance analysis.


Ease of communication between students, teachers and non-teaching staff through custom-built mobile applications. Separate login for students and teachers, secure cloud-based database management, one-touch push notification, AR/VR enabled features and other necessary features for online class management.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Integration of custom features in Learning Management Systems, for institutions to develop and conduct online courses, as required. Student-centric UI Designs, to enhance user experience, robust cloud-based technologies to ensure 99% uptime and highly stable solutions for increasing number of users.

Futuristic eLearning solutions for big and small ed-tech businesses

We provide enterprises with the latest tech capabilities in the education domain, along with complete after-sales support to help them achieve their long-term vision.
For Educators
Admin Panel
Provides all access to different modules, both teachers and students, for complete transparency and control. Access to all available data from web and mobile platforms for better decision-making.
Access to Teaching Staff
Segregated access to individual subjects, student details, class schedules, etc. One touch notification to students, as well as assignments and exams can also be conducted online.
Non-teaching Staff Login
Automation of all non-teaching staff features and ancillary support, specifically designed for daily recurring activities, along with individual logins for streamlined working.
For Online Classes and Examinations
Full-fledged LMS for educators to create online courses, digital assignments and examinations. Optional AR/VR additions to enhance overall learning experience.
For Students
Paperless Learning
Time-consuming processes simplified by paperless learning, through online educational applications for students to learn, wherein paperless classrooms are made.
Chat & Communication
Simplified Chat and communication channels to make the communication between the teachers and the students smooth.
Performance Reports
Teachers can easily track student performance, get detailed reports and record grades in a systematic manner.
Students can keep track of their own progress, get self-analysis reports and progress charts, undertake mock tests, maintain notes, etc.

Tech Solutions for Educational Institutions and Ed-Tech Enterprises

Dedicated Role Assigning
Access monitored on both, educator and student side, as needed for various designations. Security & Data Sharing Regular back-up, password access, andsecurity checks are all part of the smart management of confidential andofficial data.
File Sharing Capabilities
Easy sharing of study material, notes submission and assignments in formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, DOC, XLSX, AVI, MP3, MP4, ZIP file types.
Flexible Third-party App Integration
Collaboration with third-party applications like camera, calendar, scanners, media player, email, banking applications, etc.
Activity-support modules
Online examinations, library and book management, dormitory and hostel administration, bookkeeping, and other linked instructional tasks are all supported by dedicated modules

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Why hire education app development services at Devnco?

With the ed-tech industry constantly evolving, Devnco has successfully helped business rapidly adapt and create highly effective eLearning platforms for their educational needs. With more than 15 years of experience, we have been one of the early adopters of the latest technologies and mastered them to bring your goals to fruition.

Built on the most robust technology platforms to support higher number of users.

Simplistic designs for easy adaptability by students and teachers alike.

Hassle-free development with shorter turnaround time.

Innovative approach to Educational-related problems

24*7 Tech support for an almost zero downtime.

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

Edunation – Online Courses

The app is targeted for professional and financial courses. The site also caters to popular entrance and government job preparation exams in India. It provides users for both live and recorded classes. Users can collectively learn, ask their doubts and solve each other’s problems through quizzes and mocks.

Learnfun – Corporate Education

A corporate learning platform, Learnfun allows users to enroll for online classes to help them upskill in a fun and entertaining way.  All classes and assignments can be organized in one convenient location which can be accessed through secure channels for assessment and exams.

Software development services we provide

Custom Software for Ed-Tech industry

Customised software and applications curated as per the requirements of different educational institutions and organizations


Quick-to-Market Beta version of required tech-solutions, that enable faster response from the market and better end-products.

Team extension

Our team of qualified ed-tech developers become a part of your organisation’s IT team, leaving out the need to hire anyone further.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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