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Comprehensive Travel and Hospitality Digital Solutions

With the tourism industry booming in the recent years, digitalization has become a necessity for businesses catering to a global audience. With a wide range of domain-specific features and digital products, Devnco is helping businesses to efficiently automate their operations and to reach out to a wider target audience online. From restaurants, to hotel chains and travel agencies, we cater to a huge global audience, providing them with customized solutions and IT support, as needed.
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Web Portals

Full-fledged web-portals for restaurants, hotels and travel agencies that helps them cater to their audience and carry out business operations in the most productive manner. Online booking, complete range of offerings and customer interaction platform to create a seamless customer experience. Personalization of portal for different employee access and automation of routine tasks, as required.

Mobile Apps

Travel apps for iOS and Android for businesses and their customers. Integration of AR-enabled features for futuristic in-app services, along with upgraded features of one-click booking, virtual tours, one-touch messaging, new offer notifications, customer feedback, airline and railway ticket bookings, etc.

Cloud-based ERP Systems

Custom-built ERP solutions for larger hospitality chains and global enterprises, with centralized connectivity over cloud-based solutions. Admin controls over entire systems to limit access of system, segregated area-wise, designation-wise and process-wise, for ease of handling business. Secured connectivity with in-built data-analytics and self-generated reports for better business decision-making.


Customer-centric solutions, to create an unmatched user experience for a tech-savvy customer base. Maintaining complete customer profiles, with previous travel history, spending patterns, travel preferences. Loyalty programs and specialized discounted packages for repeating customers. Database maintenance of customers and report generation of market requirements, based on area-wise, expenses and other filters.

Best-in-Class IT Solutions for Tourism and Hospitality

We develop digital solutions that perfectly fit the requirements of small and big hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and other hospitality-related businesses.
For Hotel and Restaurants
Franchisee-based solutions for hotel chains
Single-portal and single-app connectivity, through cloud-based web and mobile apps to cater to the needs of increasing franchisees and branches for chains of hotels.
Employee management solutions
From hiring and appointments, to attendance, shift management, transfers, salary management, and everything related to employees, managed through a single desktop and mobile platform.
Data collection and analysis
Automated reports on hotel performance and consumer behaviour insights like search history, preferences of hotels, restaurants, airlines, budgeting, and more through web and mobile applications.
Increased User Loyalty
User-friendly features for customers, including room availability, easy booking and online payment, events and festive notification, one-click check-in and check-out, and much more.
For Travel agents and Agencies
Agency Web Portals
Customer app, with features like online booking, flight and train schedules, ticket availability, travel package details, etc., as well as business web portal and mobile app with features like customer booking details, employee management, revenue reports, etc.
24*7 Booking Software for Customers
Digital platform on mobile and web, for customers, to book flights, cars, accommodations from anywhere and at any time. Automation of recurring activities, including payment reminders to customers, loyalty programs, booking status, etc., through web portals and mobile application.
AR/VR Enabled features
Introduce AR/VR enabled features in mobile applications, along with geo-tagging and live location mapping, real -time travel updates.
Corporate packages
Ease of management for groups and corporate travels, including features like bulk messaging, automated group discounts, corporate login, etc.

Tech Solutions for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Online Travel Booking
An all-in-one digital platform for travel agencies, to provide all their services through web and mobile platforms, so that their customers can book hotels and accommodations, flight tickets, car rentals and so on
Travel Agent Management
A single web portal to provide individual access to travel agents and other staff, to maintain their work, streamline their communication with customers and to monitor their performance.
Hotel Management Software
Desktop solutions made specially for hotels, so as to ensure all the tasks are properly done and to keep a record for the same. It also helps in tracking the room condition, bedding sheets, in-house equipment’s.
Restaurant App
Full-fledged restaurant mobile applications dedicated to restaurants, to take online orders, provide doorstep delivery, get customer feedback, share offers, and lots more.

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Why Hire Devnco as your Travel App Development partner?

Over a span of 15+ years, Devnco has been a full-fledged IT partner for global hotel chains, restaurants and travel agencies, helping them to expand their business exponentially. We understand the growing tech-needs of the tourism industry and make use of the latest technologies to provide you with solutions that are affordable, efficient and highly result-oriented.

Automation of daily recurring activities

Customer-centric solutions to provide the best User Experience to your customers

Quick turnaround time to get started immediately

Full-time access to a highly specialized development team

Best-in-class after-sales support for easy maintenance and upgrades

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Technologies we work with

Apache ML
Azure ML
Apache ML

Vecforever – Guided Tours

Be it a countryside destination or a popular tourist place, Vecforever assists in guided tours for all your travel destinations. Right from suggestion and recommendations to creating an itinerary, Vecforever has it all covered.

Software development services we provide

Custom Tourism and Hospitality IT Solutions

Tailor-made IT solutions, that address large and small problems of all kinds of businesses related to travel and hospitality.


Developing minimal viable products for quick entry in the market, with scope of enhancement on present and future industry requirements.

Team extension

Get a team of highly-qualified IT Professionals to work on your digitalization, without the hassles of hiring and maintaining an in-house team.

Healthcare solutions we’ve delivered

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