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A guide to create a balance between your in-house team and outsourced assets

August 6, 2020
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Strengthening your team – Inside and out!

Outsourcing software development is a great way to enhance a company’s capabilities. It helps to overcome foreseen shortcomings, while ensuring that the challenge of resourcefulness is resolved. This, in turn, also enables companies to accept bigger and better projects, while maintaining a steady investment pattern. But many a times, companies are faced with the challenge of merging their In-house capabilities and assets with outsourced software development teams, especially with overseas developers. In such cases, if not handled carefully, even projects with huge scope for success can turn into a disaster. So how does one find the right balance in such situations?

There are a few points which one can use as a guide to make sure the smooth functioning of such a mixed project. These points go beyond the capabilities of each individual and approach the problem holistically, including communication gaps, team compatibilities and processes.

A few pointers to enhance your capabilities:

1. Finding the right fit

The first and the most important part of outsourcing software developers on such projects is to make sure their skill-set, work ethics and availability are in sync with your in-house team. Of course, you may have to manage your own team as well, but overall, it must be a comfortable work culture. Something as menial as language barriers can also hamper work. So outsourcing development work to the right agency or company becomes the foremost criteria.

2. Creating the road map

Once you have hired software developers for the project, the next step is to create the layout of the entire project. Tentative work deadlines, availability, scheduled tasks and the overall project details must be chalked out. As long as each part of the project is crystal clear right at the beginning, the further implementation becomes easier.

3. Create a single 'Point of Contact'

In case you are outsourcing multiple software developers through an agency or company, a single point of contact from both the sides can help make the functioning smooth. Of course, communication with each developer is also essential, but a single point of contact makes delegating daily tasks and reporting easier, thus, speeding up work.

4. Introduce the team to each other

Working together on the same project, each member must at least be aware of the people involved. An initial introduction helps in better communication during the project, while saving time on handling simple glitches. This also increases the comfort-level of the team, as well as induces trust and a sense of responsibility.

5. Defining the work, while keeping scope for adaptability

A well-defined work layout of individual members can ensure each person is well aware of their roles and responsibilities. This also helps in funneling out problems during development for quicker fixes. However, it also means each member must have a secondary work skill to overcome or assist the other members, in case of unforeseen problems. A simple example can be overlooking a particular developer’s work due to his/her temporary unavailability due to sickness or power-outages.

6. Regular feedbacks and assessments

As a project lead or team lead, regular feedback helps in ensuring the smooth functioning of the project. This also makes it possible to take corrective measures if, in certain cases, there is some misunderstanding or communication gaps between the team.

Keeping these points in mind before your next outsourced software development project, you can be assured of a better outcome. A trustworthy company who can help you without sourcing highly-skilled software developers can be a boon for your work.

At Devnco, we bring our 30+ years of experience, to assist you in outsourcing the right skill set, no matter what your requirements are. To know more about how we can help, you can connect with us at sales@devnco.co.

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