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Getting the best out of your software developers

August 21, 2020
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After you have outsourced how do you make it work best for you?

In many ways, the relation between a company/entrepreneur, and an outsourced developer or agency is very tricky. For starters, communication between the two needs to be top-notch. Similarly, there needs to be a lot of trust between each other.

Just like you would expect a few traits from your outsourced software developers in their way of work, there are a few things which (though unspoken) are also expected by the developers.

Consider the following to get the best out of outsourcing:

1. Transparency is the key

Many times, businesses start with one idea and keep changing it mid-way through development. This can be frustrating, as well as confusing for the outsourced developers. It can also reduce the quality of the end-product. Just a little time spent on finalizing an idea before beginning development can help reduce duplicate work and confusion. The project can still be modified, if need be, and thought upon for upgrades later on. It’s merely repeated changes in ideas that you should avoid.

2. Setting up milestones:

Daily reporting is necessary, but setting up milestones helps to track the progress of the work, instead of the work done by the developer. There is a difference. Having a deadline makes the development process smoother and leaves the outsourced software developer with a sense of responsibility. The emphasis gradually shifts from the work done on the project to its development and this makes all the difference. All you need to work on is to break down your end-product into smaller achievable goals and a line of the process to execute them.

3. Implementing smarter methods:

The outsourced development team must know what is expected from them. Choose the best method which works for you, as well as the outsourced developer. Agile methodology or Sharp methodology can help you to execute work in a more efficient manner. Such steps assure your business of smoother transactions in an efficient manner. It helps the developers to understand the nature of the project, target assigned and goals to be achieved.

4. Manage not to micromanage:

Outsourced software development teams and businesses share the same trust as any professional alliance. They deserve to be treated like the professionals they are. Especially in outsourced development projects, micromanagement might mean constant calls, reporting multiple times through the day or testing every time a part of the code is written. This also leads to loss of time. Simply said, a developer should be spending more time coding and not worrying about progress reports. For best results, just outsource to a capable outsourcing company and trust them with their expertise. You can still have a weekly team meeting and address questions.

5. Being open to suggestions:

Outsourced software developers have experience in implementing the ideas. Sometimes, they may have better ways to execute your ideas in a better manner. Doesn’t hurt to listen. In the end, you can always choose to do your own way, if you want.

6. Cultural differences are important:

Not only their first language and time-zone, but even management style can affect the software development process. Miscommunication in the translation due to different tongues is just another thing that can cause hindrances. Not using internal phrases or complex sentences can save you from misunderstandings and potentially alienating of a team from the rest. Understand their calendar and their important holidays and keep your development schedule flexible accordingly. From national holidays to management styles that may vary from the one you are familiar with can help you develop a bond.

Outsourcing software development can save you time and efforts and can give you much quicker results than in-house developer if you understand them right. Just do a quick check of how much of the above list is possible for you. Build communication with your team off-shore and you will never regret your decision of outsourcing for software development.

Devnco not only provides developers, but assign project managers for your project as well. To know more on how we can help, you can write to us at sales@devenco.co.

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