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How effective is outsourcing and is it still relevant?

August 21, 2020
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Software development outsourcing in 2020 - Effective or not?

As we move towards 2020, the processes and approach in project implementation have also evolved. Technology is bridging the gap for tasks which are tedious, but necessary, simply by automating it. With the rise in the number of entrepreneurs and businesses, outsourcing has helped small-scale players to have a fighting chance against the big players. Also, the bigger companies are finding it easier to expand their reach, while reducing costs with outsourced developers. With a huge number of businesses relying on software outsourcing for project development, it is clear that outsourcing is becoming the smartest move in software development today.

But how effective is it to outsource? What are the pros and cons as compared to in-house hiring? What does the future look like in the outsourcing industry?


Questions that need answers from development outsourcing service providers:

1. Is it a problem to outsource my work to someone who I cannot monitor daily?

It could have been… probably 5 years back. Today, the entire scene is different. There are applications which you can use to automatically monitor progress, screen sharing, reminders, and everything in between. So the only thing you need to be concerned about is finding the best software developers, no matter if they live in the same city or miles away.


2. Are outsourced developers better?

It becomes a simple equation; outsourced developers or freelancers are not freshers. They are those who have worked in the industry and started something on their own after gaining considerable experience. Or else, they are monitored by companies, if they are hired by outsourcing agencies. So in both scenarios, outsourcing remains a pretty good choice for companies and also, a safe bet.


3. Is it costly to outsource, than to hire?

It all depends on the work that you want to get done, as well as the skill-level of developers available for hire. Most companies spend a fortune on hiring local/in-house developers and this move results in compromised budgeting. Overseas outsourcing enables to choose from a pool of highly skilled software developers, at considerably low costs.


4. If I have to outsource multiple developers from different places, won’t it be a headache?

Outsourcing has evolved over the years. Today, there are agencies and companies who have a huge network of software developers, with different proficiency levels in software development. In fact, when you hire from an outsourcing company, it comes as an added advantage, of providing you with a project manager to overlook all the outsourced developers for your project. This not only leaves you relaxed, but it also helps you to stay focused on other aspects of your business.


5. What if the outsourced developer doesn’t turn out to be good?

It will be the same as what you would do with an in-house developer. The best way to go about this question is by being absolutely sure of who you are outsourcing the project to. Ask the developer for his portfolio, seek referrals, take in-depth interviews before outsourcing. There are many things which can help you judge the caliber of software developers whom you may be considering.

For effective results, companies must use multiple strategies – from increasing productivity with efficiency, to market changes and responsiveness to customer needs. Outsourcing software development is one way to achieve these goals. It is not only one of the smartest moves to consider today, but it seems like the future will see the outsourcing industry growing leaps and bounds. Outsourcing companies are in demand and for very good reasons.

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