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What to ask a software outsourcing company before hiring them?

August 7, 2020
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Outsourcing of software development comes with its own set of challenges. However, one cannot deny the fact that its pros overpowers the cons tremendously. The best way to approach outsourcing software developers is by being well-aware of 2 things:

1. Your expectations from your 'outsourced software partners'.

2. Their capabilities.

Though in the first case, you can be assured of a definite answer, the 2nd case always remains an open-ended question. Many a times, a project starts off well and problems arise later on. The only way to ensure a smooth process is to be absolutely sure of the capabilities and credibility of the outsourced developers.

To reduce the risks of bad hiring, here is a list of questions you can ask your software outsourcing company to judge their fit in your project: 

1. What is the process of the application development followed in the company?

The most basic question to ask any outsourcing company. It helps you to understand if your processes and that of the 'outsourced developers' match. It is also a good way to judge the seriousness given to your particular project by the company.


2. Have you worked on any similar projects? Could you share a few references of the work?

This question comes naturally. If you find an outsourced developer who has worked on similar projects, it gives some kind of assurance that the developer will be able to cope up with your requirements. Also, it can give a good measure of the developers’ capabilities. You can also ask about the way the previous work was done – how much time was required, challenge faced, end result, etc.


3. What are your estimates about the project?

This is basically an open-ended question to see the road map of the outsourced developing company. The estimates encircle all aspects like the overall pricing of a project, man-hours required for completion, tentative time-lines, number of developers who will be working on your project and so on.


4. What will be the channel of communication during the project?

The importance of communication during 'outsourcing software projects' cannot be stressed enough. Ask your potential partner if there will be a single point-of-contact, whether you will be able to talk with the 'outsourced developers' directly, daily/weekly reporting and such questions. Also, it will establish your role in the project and the level of your needed intervention.


5. What files and codes will be shared with me on completion?

Many a times, it happens that a certain code or file is required long after the project is completed and you may find it missing from your end. It is always better to have the entire files and codes with you for future use, as well as a backup. This is also a point which builds up your trust in the company.


6. What if I’m dissatisfied with the services provided to me?

Just to be on a safer side, it is always best to ask about the ‘satisfaction guarantee’ aspect. It is always better to know your options if, in case the project doesn’t go as planned.


7. Why should I hire you?

Just like we ask our in-house team, even 'outsourced development teams' are liable to put forth what differentiates them from the crowd. Know about your choices and what different companies have as their strengths and weaknesses.

These questions can help you to make a better, well-informed decision about the teams and developers that you would be working in the future with. Of course, each outsourcing company may have some positives and some negatives. It is all about balancing the right amount of both with your own requirements. A safer bet is to go with trusted companies, having a good reference and experience.

Devnco brings a combined experience of more than 30 years to the table. To know more about us, and how we can help you in outsourcing the right developers, connect with us at sales@devnco.co.

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