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What to evaluate before outsourcing to a software developer?

August 7, 2020
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Due diligence before outsourcing to software developers.

When outsourcing to software developers, what is the first thing which comes to your mind? There is a tendency for the mind to wonder on two words - CHEAPER and BETTER, right? The response to this question is sort-of-subjective and depends on many different factors. But does it end there? Outsourcing to software developers for projects is also a skill. One should never rely on a quick google search or hire the first cheap chap that they find. Many a times, a short term gain can turn into a long-term nightmare.

So what are the factors which you can look for in an outsourced software developer?


Here are a few questions which you can ask yourself to get a better clarity:

1. What is the level of work you're expecting?

The best judge of your own project is yourself. Before outsourcing the project, it is always better to carry out a self-analysis of what kind of software developer you would be requiring for your project. Should the developer be well-versed with multiple tools, or would you be needing two developers having expertise in two different tools. Would you be okay with a novice, or would you be needing an intermediate or an expert? You’re the best judge.

2. Is it worth it?

An outsourced software developer can come in various prices. But the fact is pricing differs based on the skill-set. So it is always better to measure the pricing based on the developers’ skill-set. The ratio of price to skill ratio can be decided by the previous projects, experience, speed and communication.


3. Is he/she comfortable with your pace?

Considering the burden which you would have to bear with the communication to get the most (and best if possible) out of your outsourced developers and before you realize your focus has swiftly moved from growing your business to making them understand your needs and ideas. Selective outsourcing saves you from this potential fear and possible havoc.


4. Are they aware of your stakes?

You know what more stress you will be saving with selective outsourcing to developers? The trouble of the entire process that comes once the project goes live. Let's say you have to choose between a young and new professional freelancer and an established out sourcing company with experience and proven satisfied customers. The one you chose to hire will not only have to get the flow of your business environment, but also the grade of your past delivered products. A newly started freelancer might require a tutor and if you would want that, couldn't you just hire an intern in that case?


5. What is their method of operation, communication and delivery?

An experienced software outsourcing company takes charge with strategies required to collect knowledge about the client, their product, line of sector and know exactly what they mean when they say whatever they say. Meanwhile you can focus on your primary goal like bringing in more business. Reporting intervals is also one important thing you would like to talk to your outsourced developer about,it will determine the intensity of time that will be spent on your project and if you are required to intervene more often or less in the development.

When focusing on all these aspects, it automatically leads to the first two questions which we had introduced; of getting ‘Cheaper’ and ‘Better’ work from outsourced software developers. In most cases, outsourcing companies help you manage the entire project by adding a system in place, as well as resolving secondary issues within themselves.

Devnco has helped many clients on a global level to execute their projects, successfully. If you are planning to outsource a software developer for your next project, you can mail us at sales@devnco.co.

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