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What to look for in your mobile app developer?

August 21, 2020
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Where to click for the right developer?

Finding the right software outsourcing partner for mobile app development is not as tricky and tedious as it seems. When done right, you will be picking the one you’re willing to take the plunge with, in no time. So, where should you start? How do you find software development outsourcing companies that perfectly align with your mobile application development plans?


All you need to do is simply understand that to select your outsourcing development partner, you can prioritize your development needs.

1. Balancing your in-house strengths with outsourcing.

If you are outsourcing software developers to add strength to your existing team, you can segregate the work and expectations from each developer. Start with understanding whether you want your mobile app to be built on a Native platform or Hybrid Platform. Then, introspect on your own strengths. It can be based on expertise, skills, availability or other such factors. You will find yourself looking for the best match between potential outsourcing projects and existing skill sets and bandwidth. After you have listed your requirements that are key inputs for your selected outsource development partner, you can drill down further and define which technology stacks you need help in, whether they’re established stacks, such as Java, .Net and LAMP, or more specialized technical skill sets.


2. Long-term vs. short-term, fixed-scope project.

Once you know what gaps need to be filled, it’s time to determine whether the gaps represent a long-term need or some thing that can be dealt with for a limited time. Development of the mobile application is only the first phase of the project, which needs to be followed through with constant upgrades. The outsourced app development team becomes an extension of your internal business and emotionally invested in it. This also gives you the flexibility to resize your team of mobile app developers as per your requirements, while being resourceful in tackling the rapidly changing market demands.


3. Pioneer ideas vs. existing market.

When you’re looking for a mobile app developer, it is always a good practice to analyze skill vs. experience. If the app idea is a new one, which is previously unavailable in the market, it is better to hire a person with better skill-sets. In this approach, it is better to check the grasping power of the developer, his/her problem-solving skills and command over coding. This can either come with experience or having good theoretical knowledge. Having experience can mean having good skills, but it need not always be the case when it’s the other way round. But, if the product is a market-based software, selecting an outsource development partner who has built similar market products in the past and specifically worked with mobile app launches can be of great help.


4. Technical understanding and trend knowledge.

With the advancements in the mobile app industry and its dynamic nature, you would definitely not want to be stuck with an obsolete coding. Your mobile app developer needs to be well-versed with the latest technologies in mobile app development, then be it Ionic, React, Kotlin or XCode. So planning from the future work and balancing it with your financial situation, the best outsourced mobile app developer can be assigned accordingly.

Mobile apps have a very huge success rate. Primarily, because of the huge demand and its popularity with millennials. However, it is also an extremely competitive field and which requires to get it done right the very first time.

Team Devnco comprises some of the best mobile app developers; and along with a reputation of being the most trusted in the business, makes a strong case for being a valued partner. If you have any ideas or even queries regarding your next big idea of a mobile app, you can connect with us at sales@devnco.co.

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