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Where companies go wrong while outsourcing?

August 21, 2020
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What companies can keep in mind while outsourcing software developers.

The experience of outsourcing software developers always receives a mixed reaction from companies. While some can say they found the best of the lot throughout sourcing, some might have turned skeptical because of a bad experience. However, when a project doesn’t turn out as planned, can one immediately infer that the fault was of the outsourced software developer? Many a times, the result of a downhill project is a collection of various factors and not just one particular thing.

Though some factors may be in our control, some unavoidable factors cannot be helped. Fortunately, a person can have a major control over outsourcing software development.

Things to avoid while outsourcing work to a development company:

1. Don’t go for cheap, go for cost-effective.

There is a huge difference between outsourcing software developers who charge less, and those who cost less. Just as an example, considering an outsourced developer who charges $50/hour, but takes 80 hours for project completion, turns out to be costlier than a developer who may charge $75/hour but may take only 50 hours. The increase in prices is often for the better skill-set and experience which the outsourced developer brings along with him.


2. Narrow down on the skill-set your project needs most.

With the advancement of different technologies, you can always find two types of outsourced developers. The first type is one who has knowledge of all the technologies. The second type is the one who has mastery in one technology. Based on your requirement, you can choose between the two, by judging which one fits your project best.


3. Find the one who has the best rapport with your team.

Any project is a long-term commitment. Apart from the skill-set of the outsourced software developer, it helps if the developer has good work ethics. This may include things like better reporting practices, good communication skills, flexibility & adaptability in working, and so on.


4. Referrals and experiences matter.

More than often, the power of referrals and experience of an outsourced developer is undermined.  One thing which businesses need to understand thoroughly is that when it comes to business, it strictly needs to be business. It might be a rarity, but it still happens, that outsourcing of developers is done on the basis that “he is a relative”, or that “he is someone who I know”.  It has to be a golden rule that businesses must follow – the criteria for outsourcing of a developer must only be based on capabilities and what is best for the project.


5. If possible, always opt for outsourcing companies rather than individual developers.

Outsourcing from companies comes with various advantages. Credibility, better project management, handling responsibilities and backup in case of emergencies are a few to name. However, budget constraints might be an issue for start-ups, but if you can manage to take care of it, then outsourcing from companies is the best way to go.

Though there are a lot of other factors which companies need to look at, these points can be a good start as guidelines. One also has to remember that one bad experience cannot be considered as a measure of the capabilities of all outsourced developers. The easiest way to ensure a successful project completion is by making sure you find the best outsourced developer who fits your project requirements. It always helps to do a bit of research before hiring. The other option is to trust someone who has experience in this field.

Devnco has the experience, as well as the bandwidth to undertake all your outsourcing requirements. To know more on how we can be of help, you can connect with us on sales@devnco.co.

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